Saturday, February 22, 2014

Lego Store Again: Lego Architecture, Lego Sushi, Fast Food and Parisian Restaurant

In February, we went to the Lego Store in Surrey again because I wanted to get the Eiffel Tower from the Lego Architecture series.

I love unique historical buildings that represent cultures and style.
The series started to release famous buildings around the world for the users to build and decorate their rooms.

Lego Architecture Series Eiffel Tower, Tower of Pisa
UN Building, Japan Emperial Hotel
They also had lots of interesting things on display, which might give kids idea if they have lots of pieces and special parts.

For example, check out the sushi set:
Lego Sushi Set Japanese Restaurant
Using some unique parts, they recreated sashimi dishes, sushi rolls and chopsticks.

How about the lego McDonald's set:

Lego Fast Food set McDonald's Hamburger
Well, they did not have a 'M' for McDonald's.  They just use a 'Y' on the fries. haha.
I do think it is a good idea or sample if the users have lots of flat parts with different colors.

I think a collector will have to be relative wealthy to spend thousands of dollars for all the parts.

Lego Movie display
They also have the Lego movie sets on display.
Lego Store Parisian Restaurant
I really like the Parisian streets.  They are just beautiful and nicely preserved.  
This restaurant set sort of recreates some of those feelings...

Sometimes, Lego feels like an high end toy collection just like Apple products.  If you can afford it, you will buy it.  Their big sets goes for hundreds of dollars...just like iPad or iPhones....

The Lego Architecture sets are smaller and more affordable: around 50 dollars.
They are even cheaper in Asia...probably around 40 dollars.

I will see if I have space in my small place to buy more sets...probably not.

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