Sunday, January 10, 2016

My Grandma's Passing

On New Year's Eve, my dad's side's grandma passed away.

I was very shocked when I heard the news before boarding the bus to work.

Then, I called my father after arriving at the workplace.

I was very sad and I had to say I was relieved that no one came to work till 8:40 am on that day.

I had the time to washed my face and put eye drops in my eyes, but it was a difficult day for me.

Actually, it was a difficult week for me.  All the memories comes back all the sudden, and memories are what is left.

(Also, on a unrelated note, there was an earthquake near Vancouver the night before the eve.)

Happy 2016

It is 2016 already.

I think I won't get used to the number 2016 till March of this year.  It is still 2015 in my mind.

Every year seems to pass faster and faster especially with so many things going on.

This New Year's Eve, as previous year, we stayed home and watched fireworks on TV and on our balcony.  It is too cold and costly to go outside to celebrate.

As usual, we watched the annual "Kouhaku Utagassen" on Japanese channel in the evening.  Then, we watched Pitbull's live concert and New York's live count down on TV.

I hope this year is a prosperous and healthy year for everyone!

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Hawaii Is Paradise (November 2014 Trip)

I have always dreamed of going to Hawaii but life usually gets in the way.
I usually think, "is it really like a paradise?"
We finally had a chance to go end of last October, and I can confirm.

It is paradise.  Everyone had so much fun that nobody wanted to come home.

 Beautiful white sand beaches, always blue sky, warm tropical air...need me to say more?

Chum Salmon 2014 at Stave River, Maple Ridge

This posting is for the Chum Salmons I caught last November.  I know I have not posted for a while.  Too busy with different priorities in life.

The biggest one I have caught was about 83 cm.  They usually range about 60cm to 90 cm for Chum Salmons.  I have caught some big ones last November.

Chilliwack, BC is also a good place where rivers converge for fishing.  We also went there on a cold but super sunny November day.  (middle of November, about -5 in the morning).  There were still lots of Chum Salmon swimming.  I forgot gloves, but thankfully, my friend actually had spare gloves.  I wore double layers of socks plus wader, but still my toes were frozen.  I had light frost bite and could not feel my toe for about 1 to 2 months.

Next year, I should be more prepared.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Restaurant Review: Miku (Downtown Vancouver)

During Canada Day weekend, I decided to bring my wife out for a good outing for an awesome meal.

We decided to try the high end restaurant, "Miku".

The presentations are absolutely beautiful, and the foods are amazing.
Even the ice creams taste so good with decorations!

My First Rainbow Trout from Como Lake

We have been fishing for small Perch and crabs for a while.
  However, I have yet to catch a bigger fish.  (My wife have caught flounder, bullhead, sculpin before.)

I decided to fish for a rainbow trout this past Thanksgiving weekend.

On Sunday, we had no luck.
On Monday morning, it was sunny, and I decided to head out to Como Lake with my family.

I don't know if I was lucky or what.  Within 30 minutes, I got a 31cm Trout, that is as big as it gets in this lake.  (These are released trouts...the wild trouts are 30cm to 70cm.  They can get big depends on the location.)

I was so happy because I did not realize I got a fish on until it starts fighting and I started reeling in.
Como Lake Rainbow Trout 2014

Next, I want some salmon....big salmon.  Or, some monster trout....I wish. haha

Monday, September 1, 2014

First Trip to Whistler

I have never been to Whislter despite living in Vancouver for more than 20 years.

In the beginning of August, I decided to bring my family there to have a summer getaway.
I decided to only stay a night because for some reason, summer is also their high season.

Nita Lake summer 2014
This time, because my kids are still young, I decided to go to various places to see what they have to offer.  I brought my dogs there, so I cannot go to kids adventure zone.  However, we did go to 3 lakes.  We went to Nita Lake, Alta Lake and Alpha Lake.

Nita Lake so far is our favorite.  The water is absolutely crystal clear and the small fish (not sure what they were. Salmon?) were swimming around without fear.

If I can ever get bikes and bike rack installed on my car, it will be awesome to bring my kids here for bike rides.  There are also other activities that generally cost roughly 100 per person.  They have bobsleigh, ATV riding, horseback riding, zipline, and you can also ride the gondola up for 50 dollars per person.

Whistler Village
Whistler Village 2

Sunday, August 31, 2014

New Super Mario Bros Products!

I have always been a big super mario bros fan since I was small.  I have always wished we had as many toy selections as the kids now.  They are lucky!

We had nothing like these new toys.  The one below emulates the mario game scenaries:

Super Mario Game Toys
It was kids' dream back then to have these ones to play with or to at least display on desks.

back of mario toy package
I actually bought a few of these to let me kids play and display in the room.

There are also constantly new mario kart toys coming out like these ones:

New Mario Kart Pull back kart 2014
I have bought many mario kart toys, so I don't think I will be buying these full price.

Mario and Yoshi new karts 2014
Again, lucky kids nowdays, but I guess things continue to progress, my kids will say the same thing to their kids.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Cooking as a Husband: My Rookie Dishes: Teriyaki Chicken and Pork Belly

My wife is a wonderful cook, and I occasionally feature her dishes on this blog.

However, I had to say that I am totally new to cooking, and I should start learning.

Here are the two pictures of the dishes I cooked for the first couple of times:

Salted Pork Belly (butabara)
The first picture features salted fried pork belly and miso soup.
If you have a good bottle of garlic salt and pepper, you can make the port belly taste wonderful.

Teriyaki Chicken and Avocado
The second one is teriyaki chicken and avocado.
Teriyaki chicken is actually extremely easy to make.
All you need is chicken and couple of spoons of soy sauce.
While frying your chicken piece (breast or not), use a little soy sauce and spread on top of chicken.
This would give you the brown color.
Then, spread the garlic salt and pepper and other spice you like.

Then, after 5 minutes, you have the teriyaki chicken bowl.

Barnet Marine Park: Spring 2014 Dungeness Crabs

It was spring, so we decided to test the waters to see if there are big dungeness crabs.
(this is a late post)

Barnet Marine Park Rail 2014
I think the kids were in school that day, so we thought it was a great chance to crab that day.

Maybe it is not the season yet....everything I caught was adult female crabs or young crabs.
It was surprising.  I wonder if it is because everything was caught, or if the crabs are still growing up.

females 2014 crab barnet marine park

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Easter 2014: Coca Cola Bunny

...This is a late Easter post...

While I was shopping during Easter this year, I saw this huge Coca Cola wall display in a supermarket (Save-on-Food).  It is rare to see this kind of display in Canada.

I thought this looks really interesting, so I took a picture:

Supermarket Easter Bunny Coca Cola

The supermarket displays in North America are usually uniform from branch to branch.  They don't have interesting displays as much as Asia.  I thought this is rare.