Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Restaurant Review: Miku (Downtown Vancouver)

During Canada Day weekend, I decided to bring my wife out for a good outing for an awesome meal.

We decided to try the high end restaurant, "Miku".

The presentations are absolutely beautiful, and the foods are amazing.
Even the ice creams taste so good with decorations!

My First Rainbow Trout from Como Lake

We have been fishing for small Perch and crabs for a while.
  However, I have yet to catch a bigger fish.  (My wife have caught flounder, bullhead, sculpin before.)

I decided to fish for a rainbow trout this past Thanksgiving weekend.

On Sunday, we had no luck.
On Monday morning, it was sunny, and I decided to head out to Como Lake with my family.

I don't know if I was lucky or what.  Within 30 minutes, I got a 31cm Trout, that is as big as it gets in this lake.  (These are released trouts...the wild trouts are 30cm to 70cm.  They can get big depends on the location.)

I was so happy because I did not realize I got a fish on until it starts fighting and I started reeling in.
Como Lake Rainbow Trout 2014

Next, I want some salmon....big salmon.  Or, some monster trout....I wish. haha