Monday, November 11, 2013

UGG Classic Boots

UGG boots has gained so much popularity in the Northern Hemisphere especially in cold places.
If a girl likes fashion, she has to have one pair of this besides all the brand name bags.

I decided to get my wife a pair of this for her birthday present this year.
She decided to pick the basic classic version of the boots.

UGG Classic Boots Brown
They have all kinds of patterns and styles of boots with different lengths: long, short, standard...etc.

UGG Classic Boots Brown Inside
Inside, they have real sheep skin to keep the legs and feet warm, and it really works!!

It is thick. (Maybe I should get one of this. hahahaha)

Taiwanese Tea Cup Set 2

Here is my second entry with pictures of the tea sets I bought from Taiwan.

Here is a picture of a different flower tea cup set (shallow type of cup set).

Taiwanese Cup Gift Set Flower pattern

This one is a different pattern of style set of tea cups:
Taiwanese Tea Cup Set Traditional Drawing flower pattern
These ones the prices are reasonable.  Sometimes, the real good hand made cups and pots can go up to hundreds or thousands of US dollars.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Taiwanese Tea Cup Set

I went back to Taiwan for the first time in 20 years.  (July 2013)
My wife likes tea and tea cups, so we went out searching for the tea cups sets we like.
There are lots of patterns: traditional drawings, simple colors and flower patterns.

I think one of our favorites are the beautiful, colorful flower patterns.
(They usually come in sets but some can be bought individually.)
The craftsmanship, quality and price really varies from store to store.

Flower Tea Cup Set Taiwan
We bought a few sets this time.  Here are pictures of some of them.
The above is a 4 cup set with a pot.  The one below is a larger cup with filter.
The pattern is famous generally in Taiwan, especially among tourists.

Flower Tea Cup Set Taiwan with Filter
Simple cups are cute, too.  There are a few colors to choose from.
The set below are such sets.
simple tea set yellow Taiwan
I will upload more pictures of our tea sets.

Wedding Anniversary: Restaurant: The French Table in Vancouver

We decided to have our anniversary meal this year when the kids are in school.
Therefore, I took a Monday off in September in order to enjoy our meal together quietly.

The restaurant I picked this year is The French Table on Main Street in Vancouver.
The owner was a chef for the King of Belgium before he moved to Vancouver and opened his own restaurant.  He moved his restaurant from downtown to Main Street a couple of years ago.

The French Table Restaurant in Vancouver
The location is at an odd place beside a bunch of small shops and a famous Chinese restaurant.
Nearby, there is no beautiful parks or attractions or businesses.
However, inside, it has the subtle atmosphere of a French restaurant, with little things decorated like retro maps, wine on the wall, etc.  The restaurant is small but very quiet on a week day.

Croque Monsieur
We ordered Croque Monsieur, Mushroom soup, Moules Frites, Lemon Tart and Chocolate Profiterole.
The Croque Monsieur was so good that it blew us away.  The cheese was just perfectly merged on the toast.  Absolutely delicious.

Murshroom soup french table
The mushroom soup was thick and not like other generic mushroom soup.
It taste like they really had a lot of grind-up mushroom in the soup with olive oil.

moules frites french table
Moules Frites was nice as expected with lots of fries.  We could not finish all the fries and had to pack it home.
Lemon Tart and Chocolate Profiterole
The Lemon Tart was absolutely amazing, too.  I was so surprised that it was not sour as I expected.  Lemon tarts that I had usually are so sour that I don't find them tasty at all.
This one, it had the lemon smell and faint flavor, but with the cranberry cream sauce, it was delicious and balanced.

The Chocolate Profiterole was very interesting, too.  It had many layers.
Fresh cream, almond, Puff, ice cream, etc for 3 or four layers, and it was tasty.
Since you can't buy the taste like this in Safeway or other super market, this is worth the money.
Plus, it was not sweet like supermarket ones...

The location is a little odd but for the food, I would return to this restaurant if I had the chance.