Sunday, May 8, 2011

Toys R Us: Lego Mother's Day Flower Event with Instructions

Happy Mother's Day to all mothers in the world!!

Yesterday, Toys R Us held a special Mother's Day event for kids and parents.
Lego Mother's Day Flower Toys R Us

For free, kids and parents can build mother's day roses (flowers) together with staff help.
It came with instructions and the blocks are free to take home.
The activity started early at 11am even though it was scheduled for 12 o'clock.
By the time it is 12:30, 50 pairs of parents and kids had already finished their projects.
Everyone enjoyed the flower building exercise.
Toys R Us Mother's day Lego Event build a flower

We really enjoyed this free activity, and I thought it was a good idea for the stores to promote their products.
Here are the finished cute flowers.  (and the Rocky Mountain Mother's Day flower chocolate I bought)
Lego Mother's Day Flower Toys R Us
Here are the instructions in case anyone wants to try it with their own blocks:
Lego rose flower instructions 1
First, you build the pot with brown blocks and then the stem with the green blocks.
Most of the blocks are basic blocks you can buy cheap.  I think the round stem green blocks can be replaced with normal square green blocks.
Lego rose flower instructions 2
Then, you can build the flower part and mound it on the base.
The flower part is easy but the first few steps might be confusing.
The first few layers of the flower base might require some part searching in Toys R Us.

The finished flower is very cute and makes great decorations!

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