Sunday, October 31, 2010

Mid October's Misty Days

Right in the middle of October, there were couple of misty days around Vancouver. 
From our building, we can see a sea of mist covering the lower ground.
It is beautiful.  It was sunny but the mist was just clearing up in the morning.

Free P&G Sample

We got a box of sample from the P&G sample website and were amazed at the samples included.
It has a Frebreze scent refill, shampoo, liner, mouth wash, deodorant and detergent.
All are very useful and helpful samples that we can use while travelling.

Snail As Our Pet for a Week

Snails and slugs are often found in June and early fall in BC.  Snail are more rare than slugs here.
Interestingly, my wife found one big snail and brought it back home to show my son.

The total length is more than 5 cm including the yellow patterned shell and body and tail. 
We gave it different kind of vegetable snacks and released him in a week to go back to nature.

Indian Butter Chicken

Last year, my co-worker gave me a recipe of authentic Indian Butter Chicken that he uses.
My wife tried to follow the recipe and made the following dish:

It was delicious and not the taste found in normal food courts and restaurants.

Haagen, Giant Pajamas in Target and Cute Wonder Sandwich Box

Continuing with my shopping notes, we went to Haagen in Washington State, and it feels like IGA Plus in BC. 
It has higher grade products and organic foods with higher prices.  Because of the similarity, I would not shop there too much.

We went to Target that day, too, and we saw giant pajamas again.
It is amazing because these are for adult females.  Do people actually wear these?
We saw many cute sandwich boxes in the summer, but we missed the chance to buy them. 
This time, we finally found 1 of Wonder Bread Sandwich Box, the last one in the stores...

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Burlington, WA Part 2 Krispy Kreme

We also went to the Krispy Kreme in Burlington.  It has been a while and I still can't believe how cheap it is in America.  24 big doughnuts for 15 dollars? That is amazing consider the size of the doughnut is almost double Time Horton's.
We also bought a very cute and unique cup from the store.  It is about 7 to 12 dollars, so it might be on the expensive side depending on how you look at it.

Burlington, WA's K-Mart and Mickey Mouse Decorations

I haven't got the time to update this blog for a while...
We went to Burlington, WA to the outlet mall and local malls to shop in the beginning of October.
I knew there is a K-Mart there.  I have always wanted to go there because it is the second largest chain retailer in the states.  However, this one in burlington is like a ghost store because there was no good deals and no customers.  The store was huge but somehow it feels very shabby.

There was a bunch of Christmas light and decorations 3 months ahead of Christmas already!!
A bit too early?
They do have cute display balloon with Mickey Mouse and Snoopy.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Restaurant: De Dutch Pannekoek House

De Dutch is a Canadian chain restaurant specialized in dutch pancakes.  They call it "Pannekoek", which I think is the dutch version of the word, "pancake".  I personally like it better than the North American one with just maple syrup and butter.  The Dutch pancake is thinner with but large and round (30 cm or 1 feet round pancake).

It comes with 2 Eggs, Edam Cheese, Ham, Tomatoes and Hollandaise Sauce.
Now, it was my first time and Hollandaise sauce is absolutely delicious because I usually don't like western mayo type things.  It was also the first time I tried the Edam cheese, and it was delicious.

The interior of the restaurant is also nice with dutch windmill and tulip coat rack.
The service is okay....during busy times, but we don't mind going to this place once a while.