Sunday, August 31, 2014

New Super Mario Bros Products!

I have always been a big super mario bros fan since I was small.  I have always wished we had as many toy selections as the kids now.  They are lucky!

We had nothing like these new toys.  The one below emulates the mario game scenaries:

Super Mario Game Toys
It was kids' dream back then to have these ones to play with or to at least display on desks.

back of mario toy package
I actually bought a few of these to let me kids play and display in the room.

There are also constantly new mario kart toys coming out like these ones:

New Mario Kart Pull back kart 2014
I have bought many mario kart toys, so I don't think I will be buying these full price.

Mario and Yoshi new karts 2014
Again, lucky kids nowdays, but I guess things continue to progress, my kids will say the same thing to their kids.