Sunday, September 12, 2010

Restaurant: Paro's Taverna

The autumn is back, and the rain has returned.  We had to go to an indoor event, and fortunately, there was one.
Paro's Taverna is a popular Greek restaurant in Coquitlam with good reputation for its food.
Every year, they will have a promotional event to provide basic dishes in 1986 prices.
We tried their Kalamaria and Chicken Souvlaki for lunch.  (comes with Pita bread for everyone)
I ordered fries for my son, and it was only for 2 dollars.  Amazing!

The Kalamaria pieces were big, and the bread was delicious.  Even the fries tasted great.
Chicken Souvlaki and all the rice tasted more genuine than all the food court "Greek food".
The salad and potatoes were prepared really well.  (Pardon me for my description.  I am not a professional Greek food eater.)
Overall, it was only 18 dollars for real nice Greek restaurant food.  It was a steal.
I would go back again.

Restaurant: Gyoza King Downtown Vancouver

On the Labour Day weekend, we went to Gyoza King on Robson Street Downtown Vancouver. 
The staff were Japanese and were okay courteous.  However, during the entire time, they did not come over to offer more tea.
The Gyozas were fine but did not offer amazing taste comparing to the price.  It was 6 for 6 pieces.
The pieces were really small.  I think I rather buy some frozen gyozas from the markets and it might taste better.

We ordered 2 bowls of rice for 1.5 dollars each.  At the end, we paid 18 dollars including tips.
It is totally not worth it at all.  We could get ramen set with gyoza and fried rice in Japan for 20 dollars.
You can also get similar deal in other ramen restaurant in Vancouver, so I don't think Gyoza King is anything special.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Slug Around My Apartment and Seastar

The slugs' season is usually around the Spring time, but this one is still around in the Fall.
It is pretty big, but not as big as the one I can find around Deer Lake or Burnaby Lake.
My son loves sea stars, so I thought to just include this picture taken before he was born in 2006. was 4 years ago?  Time passes too fast.  Where did the last 4 years go?

The slugs I saw around lakes before were huge, sometimes up to 20 centimetres.

USA size Pajama for Children

We all know that everything is big in America, but not this big....
They sell pajamas for children in Target in the States, and they are huge! 
They are taller than me....

Monday, September 6, 2010

McDonald USA: Angus Mushroom Burger

The other day, we went down to Bellingham, WA again to grocery shop and noticed that the McDonald there is not only cheaper but has a different menu.  They have new menu items such as Angus Burger and Angus Wrap.  We tried the Angus Mushroom Burger with Swiss Cheese, and it was absolutely delicious.  
I doubt it would come to Canada because Canadian pricing of a McDonald meal is already very expensive.  They would have to sell this combo for 8 dollars or so.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Restaurant: G-Men

We went to a Ramen restaurant in Richmond, BC this weekend because it has good reviews.  G-Men is operated by the same group who owns Gyoza King and Gyo-O, and they hire mostly Japanese staff.  We had a pleasant experience there because we went there at 2:30 to avoid the line-ups.  The staff were courteous and the price is reasonable for the amount of food.  We definitely would not mind going again.


We tried the "Assari Shoyu Ramen" and "Negi Teriyaki Chicken Donburi".  The broth was great but it is not as "Assari" as I thought.  It still has quite an amount of oil floating around.  (Assari means light and simple.  For example, not too greasy, not too salty or not too sweet.)  I still think this restaurant offers good value and quality.  However, comparing with Santouka in Downtown Vancouver, something is still different.  Santouka really amazed us the other time.

Pictures of My Smaller Chihuahua

My smaller Chihuahua is very playful but naughty.  She can be like a cat sometimes.  One moment, she can be alone the whole day, and one moment, she is jealous of someone and wants all your attention.  She also likes to compete for toys and food with my other Chihuahua.  She likes to stare at my kid eating food because when the food is dropped, she is ready to eat them off the floor.