Sunday, September 12, 2010

Restaurant: Paro's Taverna

The autumn is back, and the rain has returned.  We had to go to an indoor event, and fortunately, there was one.
Paro's Taverna is a popular Greek restaurant in Coquitlam with good reputation for its food.
Every year, they will have a promotional event to provide basic dishes in 1986 prices.
We tried their Kalamaria and Chicken Souvlaki for lunch.  (comes with Pita bread for everyone)
I ordered fries for my son, and it was only for 2 dollars.  Amazing!

The Kalamaria pieces were big, and the bread was delicious.  Even the fries tasted great.
Chicken Souvlaki and all the rice tasted more genuine than all the food court "Greek food".
The salad and potatoes were prepared really well.  (Pardon me for my description.  I am not a professional Greek food eater.)
Overall, it was only 18 dollars for real nice Greek restaurant food.  It was a steal.
I would go back again.

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