Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Kinder Surprise Cars 2 Eggs and Toys: Shu Todoroki

We all know Disney is heavily promoting its new Cars 2 movie and trying to produce as many products and collaborate with as many companies as possible. 

Megablok, Lego, Huggies, you name it, they have it.
They even produced Cars 2 mini toys for Kinder Surprise Chocolate eggs.
We bought some for my son because he likes them (He did not like the movie itself...)

cars 2 japanese racing caar kinder surprise shu todoroki
He likes the different types of cars being produced as toys.
We wanted to collect the Japanese Racing Car and we hit the jackpot by buying just one box of eggs.
I usually don't like the toys in the Kinder eggs but this time I think they did a good job.
cars 2 Japanese racing car Shu Todoroki
We got really lucky! 
Apparently, only 1 out of 4 eggs contains a Cars 2 toy.
The chance of getting a Shu Todoroki is very small. 
Never mind twice in a roll. (We did get it twice in a roll.)

I guess sometimes, parents want their own collections, too. haha!
(There are actually more cars related to Japan in the movie:  Pinion Tanaka, Kingpin Nobunaga and Okuni.)

I need to head to Disney Store to collect those vehicles.

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