Thursday, January 5, 2012

McDonald's Canada: New Oreo Pie

Time to review McDonald's Canada's new Oreo pie!
Oreo is known for its chocolate cookies, and this time, McDonald has come out with a new variation of pie using Oreo.  Please note that the box in the picture says "Apple Pie", but the inside actually is Oreo Pie.

McDonald's New Oreo Pie
  The crust is made of Oreo cookie and inside is filled with the cookie cream they are famous for.
It tastes good but something is missing from the cookies in this pie...
It still tastes a little different.
I miss the Chocolate Banana pie that was on sale last year because I think it was the most delicious pie that McDonald's has come up with.  Too bad it was not a permanent menu item.

Since the picture, I have tried the Oreo Pie several times and while it is good, it is still too sweet for my tooth.
I think it is just because I don't eat a lot of sweets anymore.
I will give this pie a 60% approval because it is good but not exceptional...

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