Sunday, April 10, 2011

Toys R Us Canada: Thomas and Friends Event 2011 Day of the Diesels

Every year, for 1 or two days, there will be a Thomas and Friends events for kids.
It is a good time to promote products and for kids to get new free toys and posters.

This year's spring date is on April 9th, and because I had an important errand to run, my wife walked a long time to get to the event with my kids.  This year, they did not have much posters and crayons to give out and had a limited amount of toys.

However, luckily, we did get a free Megablok Percy and a book, "Ultimate Diesel Guide".
It is a promotional guide book for the new movie "Day of the Diesels".
As expected, if you are a parent of a Thomas fan, you know that the new main story will be about Diesel 10.
It is a small book with 10 pages to introduce characters.

They also introduced a few new characters:  Sidney, Norman and Paxton.
All the books were gone in 5 minutes.  What are they gonna do for the whole afternoon???
Toys R Us has to do a better job than that!!

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