Sunday, April 18, 2010

Jack In The Box

This is my first time to try the fast food chain "Jack in the Box" in the United States.
I have always wanted to try and see if they have the famous "Jack" toys.
They have good quality "fast food" just like Wendy's.
They have a variety of food: Ice Desert, Mexican, Sirloin Burgers, Chicken dishes...etc.
It is not available in Canada....
The Sirlioin burger and the mini burgers are excellent!

Dairy Queen Blizzard

We like Dairy Queen cakes and ice cream cones, but we haven't try the Blizzard.
Today, we tried it the first time and find it very good and very fulfilling (but very sweet).

Having a smaller size would be a good idea.

Cool Cow Ice Cream Spoon

I found this funny "Cool Cow" spoon at TJ Maxx. 
It looks funny and can be also an interior decoration.
They have quite a lot of amazing deal in TJ Maxx.  It is a good location to dig through and get small good finds.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Japanese Food: Oden

If you are oriental, then you might know "Oden".  It is a very popular Japanese and oriental hotpot type dish.  Daikon (Radish), Tempura, tofu, egg and "konyaku".  Depending on your preference, you can put fish ball and tofu in.  The soup is delicious and heart warming in the winters!
Traditionally, in Japan, they eat this often in the winter and it is sold in most convenience stores.  Unlike the convenience stores in North America, the convenience stores in Japan, Korea and Taiwan sells almost everything.  Lots of snack, cookies, household and personal items, alcohols.  (feels like small Walmarts)

Horizons Restaurant on Burnaby Mountain

Horizon Restaurant had a big fire and badly burnt yesterday.
They said they would reopen after 3 months, missing the spring season.
I remember we went to this restaurant when me and my wife had the second date and had dinner here for the first time.  Although not all dishes suit her taste, I remember the event very well.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Skagit Valley Tulip Festival in Washington State 2

We also got couple of cute items from the festival:

There are two wooden, painted tulips and glass candle holder.  Greater decorations for homes!

Skagit Valley Tulip Festival in Washington State

We went to the Tulip festival in Skagit Valley, and the weather was on and off, rainy and sunny.
However, the tulip fields were an amazing sight to look at.
I find the naming of the flowers interesting because there is no particular pattern, any name works.
There are names like "Ninja" and "Ladies of the Night" and "Seattle"...

Monday, April 5, 2010

Little Caesar's 11 Dollar Unlimited Topping Large Pizza

Once a while, we enjoyed dine out or buying some food from outside for the weekend.
There is a special large pizza with unlimited toppings from Little Caesar in Burnaby.
The special is till end of April and it is delicious.
We chose pepperoni, chicken, beef, onion, and mushroom as toppings.
The picture might not be as appealing but the smell and the taste are irresistible for 11 dollars.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sleeping Chihuahua

My Chihuahua has a habit of using pillows just like human.  Sometimes, they sleep like kids, too.

Happy Running Chihuahua

My dogs love running in the backyards and in the park.
They just look so happy and carefree and I feel bad that they stay indoor more now.
Here is a picture of him running.

Vancouver Aquarium

I am having the Easter Vacation time right now, and we decided that my son and family might enjoy Vancouver Aquarium. 
Tickets are expensive:  22 dollars for adults (23 if you buy online)
It was pouring rain outside and cold, so we did not see the dolphin show.
We did not see the "4D theatre", either, but we really enjoyed our time there.

Ever since Vancouver Aquarium lost all the Killer Whales, Belugas became the main attraction of the place.  They also have dolphin show now (new home built for dolphins).  Well, all aquariums have to have dolphin shows, right?

Moon Jellyfish is also famous here.  They have all kinds of Jellyfish here, and there is another cute one called Blue Jellyfish.

They also rebuilt the frog section.  The above is one of the endangered big toad.
Here is one of the cutest amphibians I have seen.  Axolotl is so cute.  I heard that it comes in different colors and people actually breed it for pets.

Here is a funny small green fish (looks like a tiny eel).
He hides between another Lion Fish and seaweeds.
I started to wonder why is managing aquarium so expensive here.  Also, they charge one dollar to book tickets on web.  In Japan, they give you discounts when booking on web.  I guess it is the Canadian thing to charge a service fee(when there is no service).

Free Snuggle for Laundry

Snuggle has a compaign of mail-in-rebate program for the people to try it for free.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

My Chihuahua with Own Statue?

Apparently, my chihuahua has a replica of himself.  Haha...It is a joke!

Instant Ramen in USA

Many Japanese companies are smart to set up factories or import hubs in the US to introduce great new products for people to enjoy.
Many of them are slow coming to Canada.  Products such as instant noodle, chocolate cookies, sauces, etc.

Here are the Nissin Cup Noodles, very popular in Japan, but I can find some in the States now.  Of course, the options and qualities are not as good as Japan, but I appreciate the availability.

Full Olympic Coin Set

During the March Paralympics, I finally collected the full set of the Olympic special coins:

shaughnessy Restaurant in Van Dusen Garden in Vancouver

Two weeks ago, we dropped by Shaughnessy Restaurant in Vancouver and had a quiet dinner because we went at 5:30pm.

First, we order Calamari as an appetizer.  It was delicious and enough for us and my two-year-old to enjoy.
For main entree, we order Bison Steak.  It came with lots of fries and it was soft and chewy (medium cooked).
It is not a huge steak if you are looking for volume and value.