Sunday, April 4, 2010

Vancouver Aquarium

I am having the Easter Vacation time right now, and we decided that my son and family might enjoy Vancouver Aquarium. 
Tickets are expensive:  22 dollars for adults (23 if you buy online)
It was pouring rain outside and cold, so we did not see the dolphin show.
We did not see the "4D theatre", either, but we really enjoyed our time there.

Ever since Vancouver Aquarium lost all the Killer Whales, Belugas became the main attraction of the place.  They also have dolphin show now (new home built for dolphins).  Well, all aquariums have to have dolphin shows, right?

Moon Jellyfish is also famous here.  They have all kinds of Jellyfish here, and there is another cute one called Blue Jellyfish.

They also rebuilt the frog section.  The above is one of the endangered big toad.
Here is one of the cutest amphibians I have seen.  Axolotl is so cute.  I heard that it comes in different colors and people actually breed it for pets.

Here is a funny small green fish (looks like a tiny eel).
He hides between another Lion Fish and seaweeds.
I started to wonder why is managing aquarium so expensive here.  Also, they charge one dollar to book tickets on web.  In Japan, they give you discounts when booking on web.  I guess it is the Canadian thing to charge a service fee(when there is no service).

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