Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Hawaii Is Paradise (November 2014 Trip)

I have always dreamed of going to Hawaii but life usually gets in the way.
I usually think, "is it really like a paradise?"
We finally had a chance to go end of last October, and I can confirm.

It is paradise.  Everyone had so much fun that nobody wanted to come home.

 Beautiful white sand beaches, always blue sky, warm tropical air...need me to say more?

Chum Salmon 2014 at Stave River, Maple Ridge

This posting is for the Chum Salmons I caught last November.  I know I have not posted for a while.  Too busy with different priorities in life.

The biggest one I have caught was about 83 cm.  They usually range about 60cm to 90 cm for Chum Salmons.  I have caught some big ones last November.

Chilliwack, BC is also a good place where rivers converge for fishing.  We also went there on a cold but super sunny November day.  (middle of November, about -5 in the morning).  There were still lots of Chum Salmon swimming.  I forgot gloves, but thankfully, my friend actually had spare gloves.  I wore double layers of socks plus wader, but still my toes were frozen.  I had light frost bite and could not feel my toe for about 1 to 2 months.

Next year, I should be more prepared.