Friday, September 21, 2012

Restaurant: Sushi California in Coquitlam, BC

Sushi California is a popular restaurant next to Lougheed mall at a very busy intersection.
(North Road and Austin Road)

We went there to buy some take out food to see what they can offer.
First the price is cheap, and the proportion seems big for the party tray for 4 people...see below.

Sushi California Party Tray
Well, this is called North American size, big but with limited content inside the sushi.
Mostly, they are cucumber inside the huge rolls.
And as always, when I apply the chopsticks to pick up the sushi, they crumble.

sushi with mostly cucumber

Again, cheap huge sushi here, does not guarantee artistry or quality.
The taste is not too bad and the sashimi was fresh.

For a take out restaurant with low price (35 dollars for 4 people), I would give it a B+ for price.
However, the outside look of sushi would be C-.  Taste would be B- overall.
In Canadian standard, not in Japanese standard....haha

B'z North American Tour: Into Free 2012

We went to B'z live concert yesterday in Orpheum Theatre in downtown Vancouver!!

It was absolutely awesome!  I cannot believe the energetic, charismatic, cool rocker (Inaba) is actually 47 years old.  He should be 27 years old!!

The voice was absolutely powerful and the performance was impressive.
(I have never been to a live event but the background is sometimes overly loud that I can't hear the singing.)

The experience was absolutely awesome!!  I was even more impressed by the artists after the concert!

Here is the T-shirt I bought that Inaba wore in the concert:

B'z Into Free 2012 t-shirt
 They have so much energy! The theatre was small so we can actually see the band playing in front of us.

Awesome Extended Summer Weather 2012

Here in B.C, Canada, we are enjoying a good late summer weather this year.
Usually, it should be around 15 degrees by middle of September, but we are having great weather this year.

Bright blue sky with no clouds...wonderful.

We did not have a summer this year till the first day of August and the sun came out.
June was terrible and July was so so....with lots of clouds and rain.

I don't mind this late summer weather this year!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

McDonald's Canada: New Caramel Baked Pie

McDonald's release the new Caramel Baked Pie.

I would say it is one of the better tasting pie.
(chocolate banana is still my favorite!)

McDonald's Caramel baked pie
This one has a simple taste but it is a safe bet: Caramel.

I would give it a 8.5 out of 10...not bad for a McDonald's dessert.

I would sure buy this again because we love it and the kids love it.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Play-Doh and Very Hungry Caterpillar for Kids

We recently bought Play-Doh for our kids to play with in the winter.

In Canada, the winter is long and cold, so this could be one thing to do for kids.

Play-Doh from Toys R US
My wife made a Very Hungry Caterpillar replica using Play-Doh for my son.

However, my 1-year-old just crushed it with two hands in two minutes....what a pity!!
Play-Doh Very Hungry Caterpillar
Isn't it cute??

Bed Bath & Beyond: 5 Light Floor Lamp

I saw this five color lamp in the flyer and decided to buy it last weekend from Bed, Bath & Beyond.
It is a little short but fits in any room.
5 color lamp bed bath & beyoond
5 color light lamp
It is very easy to install, and it is only 20 dollars plus tax.  Not bad.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Lego Store Vancouver: October Halloween Set

It is amazing that many stores started to sell costumes and Halloween themed items in the middle of summer.
I guess all the merchandise will have to be there for 3 months for these "big" commercialized events.

We went to Lego Store at the end of August because they had a free give away event.
However, when we arrived on time, more than 100 kids already walked away with the free build.

We were like, "what the...people really had nothing to do"...well, it is summer and everyone wanted free stuff.

Halloween set lego store 2012
We thought that we will still get some things.
Lego store released this Halloween set for merely 5 dollars.
I also got a keychain and some mini figures that day.

The weather is getting cooler now.  I can't believe that fall is almost here.

Lego Hong Kong Display in Aberdeen Centre, Richmond, BC

The Canadian Lego Architect has built a replica of downtown Hong Kong in Aberdeen Centre.

It is amazing how he could have done it with a few photographs.  Just amazing....
The imaging ability of his brain must be so exceptional.

Lego Hong Kong display aberdeen centre richmond
I wish I can do that....
lego Hong Kong display aberdeen centre richmond 2
Here are pictures from other angles:
lego hong kong display aberdeen centre richmond 3
Even the backgrounds are made with lego pieces!

Kart Racing in Tsawwassen, BC, Canada

I have never tried kart racing before (only in theme parks), so I decided to try it for our birthdays!

With kids, I can only go on the double kart but we had lots of fun.

The double kart goes up to 50 km/hr but the smaller kart can go up to 80 km/hr.
I seemed so slow driving the double kart with people passing me all the time.

Kart racing tsawwassen
However, inside the kart, it feels fast even if it's 50 km/hr.

I would try it again when my boys are bigger, but the sport is costly.
It is around 25 dollars for 15 minutes...(and how do they measure that?)

The rental karts are basic and run down but some people bring their own fancy karts.
People also race bikes here....

My boy apparently enjoyed it as well even if he looked scared...haha