Friday, September 7, 2012

Lego Store Vancouver: October Halloween Set

It is amazing that many stores started to sell costumes and Halloween themed items in the middle of summer.
I guess all the merchandise will have to be there for 3 months for these "big" commercialized events.

We went to Lego Store at the end of August because they had a free give away event.
However, when we arrived on time, more than 100 kids already walked away with the free build.

We were like, "what the...people really had nothing to do"...well, it is summer and everyone wanted free stuff.

Halloween set lego store 2012
We thought that we will still get some things.
Lego store released this Halloween set for merely 5 dollars.
I also got a keychain and some mini figures that day.

The weather is getting cooler now.  I can't believe that fall is almost here.

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