Friday, March 30, 2012

Dog Food: Nutrience Bison Canned Meat

I went to PetSmart to buy some dog food for my two chihuahuas.

Nowdays, they have exotic pet food that sounds better than human food. haha
Check this out: Bison Meat Can:

Nutrience Bison can for dog food
opened bison dog food can
My dogs absolutely loved this can.  Maybe I should get it again for them....
It is amazing what they can make dog food with these days.

My New Car: Nissan Altima

After riding and driving my old 20 year-old Honda Accord, it was time for it to retire.
After changing all the parts, the system broke down and we decided to get a new car.
We decided rather quickly after entering the Nissan dealership.
Nissan Altima 4 door sedan
Nissan Altima is a full size, 4 door Sedan with larger trunk space, gas tank, engine and horse power than my last Honda Accord.  It is only sold in North America.  Mine is the 4th generation model.
However, the 5th generation model is coming out for the 2013 model.
Nissan Altima Niagara Grey
My car is loaded with automatic transmission, optional package (sunroof, heated seats, keyless entry, suspension, blue tooth.), luxury package (leather seats, rear air conditioning, BOSE stereo).

I like this car because with leather seats, it is easier to clean when kids spill food and drink.
It is less likely to ruin the seats.  The car has superior handing, acceleration and braking comparing to my old car.
I kind of miss the old car because we were together for a long time.
However, the new car was necessary.
Nissan Altima Interior Leather Seat
This car makes my long road trips much easier and smoother.
My family and kids also love it!
I can't wait for my next long road trip!!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Build-A-Bear Workshop

Build-A-Bear Workshop is a famous store located in malls all over North America.
(They have stores now in other countries, too.)

I have always wondered what they offer and whether it is a store mainly for girls.
We decided to bring our boys in to check it out last month.
We chose a bear for them to stuff it for us:
build a bear workshop brown bear
The store keepers were friendly and enthusiastic. 
The lady who filled the bear asked us how full we want the bear to be.
She also tried to interact and make the experience fun for kids!
My son was too shy for that though...
After that, you get to register and name your bear!

And....your bear gets a gift certificate like this:
Build a bear workshop birth certificate for bears
Now, I am starting to see why people like this store.
Especially for girls, they can be interested with the bears till teenage.

After the bear is made, they will put it in a box for you:
They sell all kinds of accessories for bears (and Sanrio characters now, Keroppi, Hello Kitty, etc.)

Brush, clothes, sunglasses, couch, mini car, hair band, pants, you name it.....just like a pet...

At the end, we bought "Cars" shoes for our bear and some clothing to fit:
Make a bear workshop bear with Disney Cars shoes
Crazy isn't it?  Disney Cars shoes for a bear...haha...

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Disney Store: Cars 2 Transforming Mater

I found this one at Disney Store on sale for 6 dollars.
"Transforming Mater" provides hidden weapons and lights when kids press the buttons.

cars 2 transforming Mater toy
This one is a good deal considering you have to pay 20 dollars for this anywhere else.

My kids were happy but due to the way the crash the cars, some parts will fall off in 1 day.

Disney Store; Cars Toon: Doctor Mater and UFO

I bought this set for 5 dollars at Disney Store two weeks ago.
They were characters from the short stories: Mater Tales.
I know they had a few more sets but this is the only one I found.

Cars Toon Doctor Mater and UFO
These are very cute and I wish more of them were on sale.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Disney Store: Cars 2 Mater Taco Truck

One thing about being a parent is that you can enjoy whatever your kid likes.
Also, you might collect a thing or two.

Cars 2 collector's boxes were on sale in Disney Store the other day.
Being a parent and a collector, I can't pass this chance up.
I got the Mater Taco Truck below for 6 dollars:

Mater Taco Truck Cars 2
I bought other items as well and will upload them later.
I am not sure why I like to collect things....??

I know other people who don't collect things at all.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My Grandma Had Passed Away

I know that my grandma will never read my message again
She passed away today in Taipei, and I regret that I did not see her one last time.

She helped raised me as a child and read me countless books.
She taught me various things as a teacher.
She brought me to hike mountains and shop in malls.
She gave me a lot of happy memories to cherish.

I would like to say thank you to her.  Love you grandma!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Tamagotchi: Tama Town

Remember the Tamagotchi that took the world by storm 15 years ago?

They still have newer versions out there but not as popular anymore.
(Apparently, it is still popular in Japan with colored versions out.)

We found one on sale for 4 dollars only at London Drugs!

I think that just covers the production cost even though it is still in black and white.
My wife still enjoys growing different kinds of pet in these machines.

They can grow into different "pets" in different stages.
(sometimes very cute, sometimes very ugly...)

Tama town Tamagotchi Kuchipatchi
Apparently, it came with a dvd so users can access different features but we haven't tried it yet.

There are different covers and figures we can purchase.
I think they are on sale for 40 cents each now.

I wonder why they are so cheap now.  Perhaps new versions are coming out?
Or, they are ceasing production in North America because it is not popular here.

Tamagotchi Tama town 2

New York Knicks: Jeremy Lin T-Shirt

Well, being a loyal Jeremy Lin fan means I have to get one of his T-Shirts.

They are indeed hot items in New York.  They sold out in a week with millions waiting for orders.
Countries like Canada and Taiwan are still waiting for new shipments.
I got my T-shirt last week! Fresh from New York.

Jeremy Lin Knicks T-shirt front
It is a little squished because I did not fold it well, and after a few days, it became wrinkled...
Jeremy Lin Knicks T-shirt backside

I guess it is just a little collectible for me. haha.....

Friday, March 2, 2012

OREO: 100 Years Birthday Cake Limited Edition

I bought this limited edition of OREO 100 Years package in Wal-Mart last week.

The package is gold and the cream in the cookies are sprinkled.
It is the "birthday cake" edition!
OREO 100 Years Limited Edition birthday cake
The cookies are super sweet as usual.  It looks like this:
OREO cookies 100 years limited edition
Well, the kids love sweet things, and they love this one as well!!

Happy 7th Birthday, My Chihuahua!!

My cute chihuahua turned 7 years old today!!

wow...time passes so fast!
My wife made cute decorations and hearts for him. He even wore a Hawaiian flower necklace.

My chihuahua's 7th birthday with chicken cake
She made a birthday cake for him.

It was made of chicken tenderloin, rice, carrots and other vegetables.
He is getting old but still very cute.
The face stays the same, just the body gets heavier naturally because of hormone imbalance.

Happy Birthday my dog!!