Friday, March 9, 2012

Tamagotchi: Tama Town

Remember the Tamagotchi that took the world by storm 15 years ago?

They still have newer versions out there but not as popular anymore.
(Apparently, it is still popular in Japan with colored versions out.)

We found one on sale for 4 dollars only at London Drugs!

I think that just covers the production cost even though it is still in black and white.
My wife still enjoys growing different kinds of pet in these machines.

They can grow into different "pets" in different stages.
(sometimes very cute, sometimes very ugly...)

Tama town Tamagotchi Kuchipatchi
Apparently, it came with a dvd so users can access different features but we haven't tried it yet.

There are different covers and figures we can purchase.
I think they are on sale for 40 cents each now.

I wonder why they are so cheap now.  Perhaps new versions are coming out?
Or, they are ceasing production in North America because it is not popular here.

Tamagotchi Tama town 2

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