Sunday, April 17, 2011

Trader Joe's New Raspberry Macaron Cake (Macaron aux Framboises)

We went to Trader Joe's yesterday to check if they had anything new and interesting to try.

Trader Joe's has many innovative desserts, and we are always interested in trying something new.
We came upon this new product: Raspberry Macaron Cake (Macaron aux Framboises) in the frozen dessert section.
We also bought Bon Bon and the standard Parisienne macaron (because I just love them)
It is layered with raspberry in the middle and cake on the top.

Here is the description from the box:
"Light vanilla cream and whole raspberries are sandwiched between two layers of moist and soft almond-filled French "macaron biscuit".  It is the perfect size for a few people, or one very hungry person who enjoys the finer things in a luscious, not too rich piece of pastry."

It is supposed to served cold. My wife says that it tastes like ice cream sandwich or layered pie.
She thinks the balance between the sweetness and sourness is well taken.

Verdict:  My wife loves it (she is a raspberry lover).  She would give it a 7 out of 10.
I am not a raspberry eater, so I will give it a 5...although you can't trust me on this one.

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