Sunday, April 17, 2011

Taiwan and Donations to Japan's Earthquake Relief...My rambling

Taiwan is a nation without identity.
It is often suppressed politically and virtually in all international organization and forum.
(Health organization, Olympic games, sports name it...even video game competition)

Everyone is afraid of China, so Taiwan and its people don't exist.
However, can the Chinese people, government or other countries' citizen know how the Taiwanese people feel? (Your homeland does not exist.)

Taiwan donated more money than any country in the world with 130 million dollars.
It is a super small nation.  China donated merely 3 million dollars.

Last week, the Japanese government posted a thank you note to 7 countries' newspaper, which included China, US, Korea and other G7 nations.

I think if the Japanese politicians have some backbones, they can think of alternative ways to thank the Taiwanese people rather than ignoring them.  They can send a small message using a third party organization with a thank you note.

The Japanese government's (politicians) doing in inexcusable:
When disaster hits, your closest friends will come to help.
Then, you should thank them from your heart.
As simple as that.

To ignore your closest friend's gesture is not the Japanese way I think.

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