Friday, March 30, 2012

My New Car: Nissan Altima

After riding and driving my old 20 year-old Honda Accord, it was time for it to retire.
After changing all the parts, the system broke down and we decided to get a new car.
We decided rather quickly after entering the Nissan dealership.
Nissan Altima 4 door sedan
Nissan Altima is a full size, 4 door Sedan with larger trunk space, gas tank, engine and horse power than my last Honda Accord.  It is only sold in North America.  Mine is the 4th generation model.
However, the 5th generation model is coming out for the 2013 model.
Nissan Altima Niagara Grey
My car is loaded with automatic transmission, optional package (sunroof, heated seats, keyless entry, suspension, blue tooth.), luxury package (leather seats, rear air conditioning, BOSE stereo).

I like this car because with leather seats, it is easier to clean when kids spill food and drink.
It is less likely to ruin the seats.  The car has superior handing, acceleration and braking comparing to my old car.
I kind of miss the old car because we were together for a long time.
However, the new car was necessary.
Nissan Altima Interior Leather Seat
This car makes my long road trips much easier and smoother.
My family and kids also love it!
I can't wait for my next long road trip!!

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