Friday, September 21, 2012

B'z North American Tour: Into Free 2012

We went to B'z live concert yesterday in Orpheum Theatre in downtown Vancouver!!

It was absolutely awesome!  I cannot believe the energetic, charismatic, cool rocker (Inaba) is actually 47 years old.  He should be 27 years old!!

The voice was absolutely powerful and the performance was impressive.
(I have never been to a live event but the background is sometimes overly loud that I can't hear the singing.)

The experience was absolutely awesome!!  I was even more impressed by the artists after the concert!

Here is the T-shirt I bought that Inaba wore in the concert:

B'z Into Free 2012 t-shirt
 They have so much energy! The theatre was small so we can actually see the band playing in front of us.

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