Friday, September 21, 2012

Restaurant: Sushi California in Coquitlam, BC

Sushi California is a popular restaurant next to Lougheed mall at a very busy intersection.
(North Road and Austin Road)

We went there to buy some take out food to see what they can offer.
First the price is cheap, and the proportion seems big for the party tray for 4 people...see below.

Sushi California Party Tray
Well, this is called North American size, big but with limited content inside the sushi.
Mostly, they are cucumber inside the huge rolls.
And as always, when I apply the chopsticks to pick up the sushi, they crumble.

sushi with mostly cucumber

Again, cheap huge sushi here, does not guarantee artistry or quality.
The taste is not too bad and the sashimi was fresh.

For a take out restaurant with low price (35 dollars for 4 people), I would give it a B+ for price.
However, the outside look of sushi would be C-.  Taste would be B- overall.
In Canadian standard, not in Japanese standard....haha

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