Thursday, January 5, 2012

NanoBlock: New Block Toy for Both Adult and Kids

Couple of years ago, a new toy was getting very popular in Japan for both adults and kids audiences.
The name is nanoblock.  It is made by a Japanese company called "Kawada".
It produced small blocks of World Heritage Sites, cute animals, or even simple day to day objects and structures.
It finally came to North America and the fever is catching on!
nanoblock world heritage series
I love visiting world heritage buildings and sites and I love collecting their souvenirs.
Within hundreds of products that nanoblock has, I picked 3 from the world heritage series.

For people who live around Vancouver, Canada, the best way to purchase is to check their local London Drugs.  Or, drive down to Cascade Mall in Burlington, Washington to get the world heritage "Sites to See" series.  I am sure all toy stores will start selling these soon!

The small blocks are hard to build for its size, but afterwards, it makes good decoration for the cabinets!

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