Sunday, September 12, 2010

Restaurant: Gyoza King Downtown Vancouver

On the Labour Day weekend, we went to Gyoza King on Robson Street Downtown Vancouver. 
The staff were Japanese and were okay courteous.  However, during the entire time, they did not come over to offer more tea.
The Gyozas were fine but did not offer amazing taste comparing to the price.  It was 6 for 6 pieces.
The pieces were really small.  I think I rather buy some frozen gyozas from the markets and it might taste better.

We ordered 2 bowls of rice for 1.5 dollars each.  At the end, we paid 18 dollars including tips.
It is totally not worth it at all.  We could get ramen set with gyoza and fried rice in Japan for 20 dollars.
You can also get similar deal in other ramen restaurant in Vancouver, so I don't think Gyoza King is anything special.

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