Friday, October 1, 2010

Restaurant: De Dutch Pannekoek House

De Dutch is a Canadian chain restaurant specialized in dutch pancakes.  They call it "Pannekoek", which I think is the dutch version of the word, "pancake".  I personally like it better than the North American one with just maple syrup and butter.  The Dutch pancake is thinner with but large and round (30 cm or 1 feet round pancake).

It comes with 2 Eggs, Edam Cheese, Ham, Tomatoes and Hollandaise Sauce.
Now, it was my first time and Hollandaise sauce is absolutely delicious because I usually don't like western mayo type things.  It was also the first time I tried the Edam cheese, and it was delicious.

The interior of the restaurant is also nice with dutch windmill and tulip coat rack.
The service is okay....during busy times, but we don't mind going to this place once a while.

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