Friday, May 13, 2011

Washington State Skagit Valley Tulip Festival 2011

Last month, we went to the Skagit Valley in Washington State for their April Annual Tulip Festival.
To see their beautiful, large, multi-color field of tulips is a very eye pleasing experience.

(might have bring jackets and boots because spring in the region might still be cold or wet.)

If the weather is sunny and warm, the pictures would turn out like fantasy painting.
We always enjoy seeing different types and species of flowers and even my son loves tulips.

There are two big vendors in the Washington State, one is Roozengaarde and one is Tulip Town.
We went to Roozengaarde last year, so this year, we decided to go to Tulip Town.
(They actually take Canadian cash because I did not carry American cash on me.)

Unlike Roozengaarde, Tulip Town has a small indoor section, so if you are cold outside, you can always go have coffee and eat and go to the gift shop indoor.  Also, they have an indoor tulip section with tulip painting.
tulip and tulip boat
They even have a small river with tulip on small toy boat.
tulip and painting

I also like some of the names they gave to the flowers.  Some are named "Ninja" and "Seattle" and "Nightingale".
I also like their gift shop section.  There is a section for seeds and a section for plates.
There is also a section for Japanese "Koinobori" and all kinds of kites.
Actually, you can see kites flying in the field.  Other shops around the town also sells Japanese "Koinobori".
I guess there are lots of Japanese immigrants and visitors in the area.

Koinomori is a kind of Japanese kite decorated outside the house during May to celebrate "Kids Day" in Japan. (shaped like a carp)
Here is an American flag Koinobori.
Amercian flag Koinobori kite
We had a good time but I wished that it was warmer and sunnier.  Oh well, we will try again in the future.

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