Friday, November 1, 2013

Taiwanese Tea Cup Set

I went back to Taiwan for the first time in 20 years.  (July 2013)
My wife likes tea and tea cups, so we went out searching for the tea cups sets we like.
There are lots of patterns: traditional drawings, simple colors and flower patterns.

I think one of our favorites are the beautiful, colorful flower patterns.
(They usually come in sets but some can be bought individually.)
The craftsmanship, quality and price really varies from store to store.

Flower Tea Cup Set Taiwan
We bought a few sets this time.  Here are pictures of some of them.
The above is a 4 cup set with a pot.  The one below is a larger cup with filter.
The pattern is famous generally in Taiwan, especially among tourists.

Flower Tea Cup Set Taiwan with Filter
Simple cups are cute, too.  There are a few colors to choose from.
The set below are such sets.
simple tea set yellow Taiwan
I will upload more pictures of our tea sets.

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