Tuesday, October 14, 2014

My First Rainbow Trout from Como Lake

We have been fishing for small Perch and crabs for a while.
  However, I have yet to catch a bigger fish.  (My wife have caught flounder, bullhead, sculpin before.)

I decided to fish for a rainbow trout this past Thanksgiving weekend.

On Sunday, we had no luck.
On Monday morning, it was sunny, and I decided to head out to Como Lake with my family.

I don't know if I was lucky or what.  Within 30 minutes, I got a 31cm Trout, that is as big as it gets in this lake.  (These are released trouts...the wild trouts are 30cm to 70cm.  They can get big depends on the location.)

I was so happy because I did not realize I got a fish on until it starts fighting and I started reeling in.
Como Lake Rainbow Trout 2014

Next, I want some salmon....big salmon.  Or, some monster trout....I wish. haha

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