Monday, January 18, 2010

Japanese Bento with Pork Wrapped Mushroom

Well, another day in Vancouver for the salaried worker.  At least today is sunny, which is rare in the west coast.
Today, my wife exercise her superb cooking skills at 5am in the morning to prepare the lunch box, "Bento or Bentou" in Japanese.  Today's entree is pork wrapped Japanese mushroom (Bunashimeji) with teriyaki sauce.  It was delicious with the special taste of mushroom.  I really like Japanese mushrooms because of its variety and textures.  They have different names for different types of mushrooms such enoki, bunashimeji, shiitake, eringi...etc.  It is hard to buy those in North America, but you can find them sometimes in large Asian markets for triple the price. (same for all imported goods here)

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