Saturday, January 30, 2010

Japanese New Year Memory Flashback

It is January still, so I had a flash back of my fun time in Japan. It is always refreshing to go window shopping in Japan because they have so much things on display and different varieties of products.
I have spent a few New Years in Japan before, and it is a busy time there because of "Hatsumoude" (First time visting a shrine or temple) and "Hatsu uri" (sort of like there boxing day sale on the first market opening day).
Here is a picture of the "zabuton" (Japanese seat cushion) during the New Year.

Here is a picture for “Hatsumoude” when people visit the temple or shrine for the first time during the Japanese New Year.  It is a crowded nation, but it gets even more crazy for any kind of events.  For many North Americans, this is something that cannot be overcome.

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