Friday, January 29, 2010

Restaurant Review: Kura Japanese Restaurant

Tonight, we went to a restaurant in Burnaby near Metrotown, called "Kura".  It is owned by and operated by Japanese people.  The chefs and waitresses are all Japanese people.  It is hard to find good authentic Japanese food unless you go downtown Vancouver, so we are delighted that a good restaurant is nearby locally.  My wife and I both think that the food here is excellent and has a variety of selection, not just your usual sushi and teriyaki place.  It serves sashimi, beef sashimi, motoyaki, asari, natto maki, umeshiso roll, dobinmushi, negi toro with quail egg...etc.  The sashimi (toro) was soooooo fresh that it melted in our mouths.  Beef sashimi is also recommended.
The price is also reasonable for a plate of good sushi.  10 dollars for a standard sushi set and 6 dollars for a small plate of beef sashimi.
 We also order natto nigiri sushi(sticky bean...common for Japanese people to eat), umeshiso roll (umeboshi...preserved salted plum), negi toro (absolutely my favorite) and maguro.  The maguro also melts in your mouth.


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