Thursday, January 28, 2010

Shopping for Cook Ware: New T-FAL Flexi-Grip Set

My wife cooks few times a day, so her 5-year-old T-FAL set had worn out and needed a new one.  Last month, we went down to Bellingham, Washington, USA to Target to look at some of the newest sets.  I noticed many new T-FAL sets are not available in Canada yet, and even if they are, they are priced double or triple what they are in the States.  (does not make sense)  I would recommend this product because:
1.  The new Flex-Grip handles are easier on your hands when cooking.
2.  The new hard anodized pans are environmental friendly, it does not contain BPA and is recyclable.

We used this set for a month already and are very impressed with it.  It sells for only 80 to 100 dollars US.

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