Monday, February 15, 2010

Olympics Event: Ladies Moguls

We went to the Women's Moguls at Cypress Mountain on Saturday.  First of all, I feel the transportation Logistics coordination was absolutely terrible.  People waited for 2 to 3 hours for the "olympic buses" rented from USA and they breakdown on the mountains.  The US drivers don't know where to drive to and got lost.  All these should have been identified as potential risk and should have back up strategy for such happening.  Anyways, overall, we had a awesome time cheering on the athletes and the Canadian and Japanese teams.
Here is a picture of Aiko Uemura:
Here is a picture of the course:

There were around 12000 people there and it was hard to get to the snack stand.  Again, not enough space planned for people to move around and not enough food vendors.  People had to wait 2 hours in line to get food.  We decided to skip the food for the night and just watch athletes practice.

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