Friday, May 21, 2010

Flashback: Paris Disneyland

Yesterday, we were viewing our video of France and England trip last year and felt very nostalgic.  I thought I might post a few pictures of our trip.  We really enjoyed the Disneyland experience even though our son was not even 2 and the food was excellent.  (a little pricey but good)

We only go on few baby rides and did not go into any attractions, but we did enjoy our stay of the day.  It was a hot summer day with lots of tourists and locals.  We went to the outlet mall one station away by metro.  The food in the Lion King themed restaurant was awesome even though it looked like standard fast food.
(the food in Paris was generally better than Vancouver in terms of western and fast food.

This fast food tray of fries and two kinds of fried chicken was delicious.

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