Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Greater Vancouver Zoo in Abbotsford, BC

Vancouver has a zoo in the rural area and it is an hour away by highway by car.
It is a zoo of a good size, but sometimes, it is hard to spot the animals.
Of course, it is not close to New York, London, San Diego or other city's caliber, but I am glad that we have the zoo around this area.
They have a mini train (5 dollars per person) and a free safari bus ride.  The safari bus is only 15 minutes and you cannot feed the animal, so if you are expecting an experience like a true safari, you might be disappointed.
On the train, we could see moose, bison, bear and zebra.
There was an arctic wolf which looks like a husky dog.  It is very cute.
From the above picture, a bear had fun bouncing a ball up and down like playing basketball.

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