Saturday, August 28, 2010

Dinotown: A Not-So-Fun Theme Park

I have heard of Dinotown in Chilliwack, BC for some time and have been wanting to check it out.  I thought it would be fun for the whole family to enjoy the theme park.  However, it turns out to be the worst theme park I have ever seen in the world.  No wonder they are closing on September 6th.  The rides, maintenance and attractions and shows do not have the quality of a theme park. 

First, I thought there would be roller coaster rides, but when I arrived at the parking lot area.  There is no coaster in the air.  The parking lot is in a bush and there is no machine to be seen anywhere.  The only machine is a train pulled by a tracter, which later on broke down in the afternoon.  From my experience, it is not worth 16 dollars per person plus 15 dollars gas and 3 hours drive. 

We first attended the "main stage" show at 11:00 am.  The main stage is a plastic roofed stage just 4 meter by 4 meter, the size of a apartment living room.  4 actors with dinosaur costumes started dancing lazily.  The costumes are old and do not resemble the 8 characters of the park at all.  Furthermore, it seems that there are only 4 costumes in the theme park.  I mean, "that is it??"  The show was only 10 minutes and the audiences, even kids themselves seemed so bored and uninterested.  I thought, "oh my god", can this get worse. 

Then, there is the parade, the same four dinosaurs came out lazily with a staff waving a bubble wand.  I think that lady staff is the most enthusiastic person I have seen the whole day.  People were actually following the dinosaurs along.  I thought, "wow, where did these people come from..."  It is non-comparable to Disneyland or any local theme park parade.  The whole park is so poorly run that I would not pay even 5 dollars just for some kids playground with equipments from Toys' R US. 

They have a small man made river for people to ride boats on.  Okay, we enjoyed that, and they had a mini golf course.  However, I can do all these for free around my home town.  Why would I bother to come here?
Yes, they do have a few concrete dinosaurs and Flintstones cars but that is it.

There is just a hamburger stand and they sold fries and ice cream.  We wanted to ride on the "train", but the engine broke down shortly after 1pm.  It was so pathetic that I had to leave the park.
We went through 1 and a half hour of traffic jam to get home.  It was quite a disappointing experience.

Well, we did laugh a lot thinking back to our experience because it was sooooooooo hilarious.
I laugh when I see the picture of the smoking engine.

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