Monday, November 1, 2010

Restaurant: Cafe Pacifica (Italian Buffet)

Recently, I wanted to celebrate my wife's birthday and decided to treat her to a good meal. 
I have heard that Cafe Pacifica in Canada Place (Pan Pacific Hotel) has really good Italian Buffet, so I decided to reserve a spot there for dinner.  We went there in the Holloween weekend, so we saw many people with funny costumes. 
The moment we got to the restaurant floor, I thought the floor was kind of dark.
In front of the restaurant reception, there was a large pond with various pumpkin carvings decorations.

First, I thought the food selection was limited, but it wasn't.
They have 3 sections of buffet to choose from:  Seafood, salad and cheese, cooked food and desserts.

They have a large selection of desert: chocolate cake, fruit cake, tiramisu, mousse, pudding, cheese cake....etc.
I was amazed and wanted to try everything.

They also have live order section of spaghetti, tortellini (or other Italian noodles) where you can order and customize your own noodle.  The chef will cook it right in front of you.  You will get to choose from 20 kinds of ingredients and 4 kinds of sauces.
The Halibut fish, chicken and Lasagna were also delicious (yes, we don't eat good stuff much, so I was easily impressed...haha)

The piano music and opera were provided by professional musicans and were absolutely wonderful.
The Opera songs scares my son because the powerful voices were loud for kids.
However, when the audiences clapped, my son clapped, too.  It was very funny.
We had a very good time....ate too much...too full.......

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