Sunday, January 30, 2011

Trader Joe's Macaron Post 2 and T&T Macaron

Since many people read my last "macaron" post, I decided to write an additional short post.

Original post:

In Japan and Europe, "macaron" has been a popular delicacy for years, but in Canada, it is still unknown to most people.  At work, most people says, "What is macaron?  A macaroon?"
(No!  It is not a macaroon.)

Picture taken in France (2009) at Lafayette in Paris
I think it would take some time for the public and the bakeries in Canada to catch up.However, some Asian bakeries and supermarkets such as "T&T", a Asian supermarket chain in Canada, has released boxed macarons.  (Taste reasonable.)

A chain bakery called "Saint Germain" in BC, Canada also sells macaron.

Now, it cost 12 dollars for a dozen macaron usually in Canada, which is kind of reasonable because France will be 1 Euro per macaron and 100 to 200 yens in Japan.

For the people who have never tried or don't know what is a macaron, give it a try if you have a chance!

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