Friday, February 11, 2011

Bento Lunch Box: Shrimp Tempura & Seaweed Egg Wrap

This week, my wife has another creative arrangement for my lunch box:

Shrimp Tempura with Seaweed Egg Wrap.
As you can see, the egg rolls have seaweeds within them.
Seaweed is a very important part of the Japanese diet.
Not only it is an important part of the food culture (because it is an island nation),
It is very healthy.

There are all kinds of seaweed dishes that oriental cultures enjoy.
To enjoy seafood, you have to enjoy both the plants and the fish stocks.

Now, the oriental people usually enjoy eating all kinds of seaweed.
For people from other cultures, they don't enjoy it because they are not used to the taste.

Just like spice tea, I did not grow up to drink it, so I am not used to it at all.
I grow up drinking all kinds of oriental tea:  Pu-er, green tea, sencha, oolong, etc.
It was a part of life.  It is kind of funny to hear comments such as "it is bitter".
Well, the English tea is bitter, too, without sugar, but I enjoy it.

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