Tuesday, February 8, 2011

McDonald's Canada's New Menu: Chocolate Banana Baked Pie

As promised in my previous post, I will write more about McDonald's new menus.
McDonald's Canada has a new menu that is tastier than the apple pie.
I am not entirely sure that it is Canada only or not, but it is not seen in some states.
It is sweet but amazingly, in McDonald's Canada's standard, it is pretty good.
Even more amazingly, it is 2 for 1.39 right now.
We never see this kind of price in Canada fast food chains.

We ordered it 5 times already over the past few weeks, and we love it.
The custard inside (with chocolate) is warm and the pie is quite solid, not soggy.

I would recommend it to people with kids because it is very affordable right now.

Note:  The Chocolate Banana Pie promotion seems to be over as of April.  They are having Peach Pie in Canada and Cherry Pie in the States.

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