Saturday, February 5, 2011

McDonald's New Menu: Spicy McChicken and Angus Wrap

One thing interesting about McDonald's is that they have different menus everywhere in the world.

This is true even for the United States and Canada.

Last weekend, we ate the new menu items (not availabe in BC, Canada): Spicy McChicken and Angus Wrap.
The cost is much cheaper than Canada about 9 dollars for two people.
The sandwich itself is spicy for me.  (I am not a pro spicy eater.)
However, it was great for its value.

With the Angus wrap, I was quite impressed...
The reason is that you get to pick the style you want.

If they have 4 styles of Angus beef burgers, then you have four choices to pick from plus the customizable ingredients.
There are lots of mushrooms in this "mushroom angus wrap" with delicious sauce and thick beef.
This one is one of my favorite and the cost is 2 dollars.
I will try to blog about the menu items not available in US but available in Canada.
I will also try to blog about the McDonald's in Asia when I travel around.

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