Saturday, February 5, 2011

Saint Germain Bakery in BC, Canada and Macaron

Passion for macaron....Another macaron discussion.

As discussed in my other macaron posts, we went to visit Saint Germain Bakery in Burnaby, BC, Canada.

In this store, they sell macarons, which they called it, "French Macaroon", to make people understand what they mean.  People in Canada will ask, what is a macaron?
If you say, a "macaroon", then somehow people would understand.
They don't look the same!!

The head chef of this franchise is actually a member of Canada's Culinary Olympic Team as a pastry chef.
Now, I know why they taste good.

These are delicious!  They are 12 for 12 dollars Canadian.
The box also has descriptions of macaron's history.  (Yes, it did evolve from the old macaroon a long time ago.)

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