Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Taiwanese Food: Zongzi or Badzan

I enjoy buying authentic "Zongzi" (Mandarin pronounciation) or "Badzan", sticky rice with filling wrapped in bamboo leaves.
It is hard to find authentic Taiwanese food shops, so I usually buy from certain places I know.

Zongzi has lots of regional and national variations in Asia and can be a sweet dessert or dinner dish depending on what is inside.

This is what it typically should look like originally.  The long square version is the Cantonese/Southeast Asian version.  They might come in different taste and shapes....

It is hard to take good picture of what is inside and hard to describe the deliciousness of it.
However, this one is of traditional Taiwanese taste and is delicious.

The Taiwanese version typically is filled with mushrooms, pork, (sometimes shrimps, chestnuts or peanuts) and dried egg.
I am not a dried egg fan, but I love the taste overall and can have this dish anytime!!

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