Friday, March 25, 2011

Beard Papa: Paris-Brest (French Doughnut)

Beard Papa is a popular Japanese Patisserie (Doughnut and sweets shop) that also opened stores in BC, Canada.  They sell good eclair and cream puffs and other french sweets.

Recently, new menu items had come out:  Paris-Brest.
It is a kind of French doughnut if I want to describe it but it is more sophisticated than that.
It has a layer of cream inside and should be served cold just like e'clair.

Paris-Brest and Eclair

I tried it and I loved it!!  It is not too sweet like the North American sweet donuts.
The combination of the chocolate layer outside with the cream inside is perfect.
It is supposed to be an cold dessert, so it was just so good and chilly.
I would buy them anytime!  The eclair and puffs are of course top notch as well.

Why don`t they have these in Tim Horton's??????
Maybe it is too hard to mass produce.

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