Saturday, March 26, 2011

Cherry Blossom (sakura) in Burnaby / Vancouver Area

It is finally getting warmer in end of March and cherry trees (sakura) are finally blossoming.
We took this picture near by our place around North Burnaby.
I am assuming that mass blossoming will occur in Vancouver soon.

When it is really warm, they can blossom in early February just like in 2010 during the Olympics.

Usually, they blossom in early or mid-March during the Spring Break in British Columbia.
Cherry tree fields are beautiful.

In Japan, you will see mountains of sakura in the suburbs or along the river banks.

In big cities, you will see acres and acres of sakura blossoms in the parks.
For example, Ueno park in Tokyo.

Here is a picture of sakura in Nagano Prefecture:

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