Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Our First Blog Book in Print Has Arrived!

This blog to us is like a diary with pictures and words stored digitally online.

However, just like digital pictures, I would like to print things out.
Tangible things, to me, are easier to read and are great memorabilia.

Last month, I ordered a book from Sharebook.  (Once you upload your blog content, they make it and arrange it into a book for you.)
It took a month to ship it to Canada and it is not cheap depending on how you value your "diary".

You can customize the front cover and back cover and side messages.
You can also decide on the content layout and the size and thickness of the book.
My came with just less than 300 pages because last year I blogged the most in the first months.
(When the Olympics were here)
Because we got very busy with family matters later on in 2010, my blog number went down.

Regardless, I liked the end product, the quality and the layout of the whole book.
It preserves memories that we don't want to forget.

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