Thursday, March 10, 2011

Safety 1st Car Seats: Air

Couple of years ago, Safety 1st introduced a new type of car seat for infants called, "Air".

It encompasses the side impact technology and has side cushions for car seats and booster seat.

I guess during the winter season, the retailers want to clear out the older models, so they are having sales.
We have always wanted them, so we bought two stages of car seats for my kids.
We have always wanted the new type of car seat.
Toys R Us and Zellers had sales in the past few weekends, so the chance was perfect to scoop them up.
We bought 1 for Stage 2 (9 to 18 kg) and 1 for Stage 3 (18kg to 9 year old).

It is more likely that I might need one more for my younger son when he gets older...

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