Friday, April 8, 2011

Britax Stroller Sale: Double Stroller

Britax Strollers are on sale all across North America.
You can get them at Target for 20 percent as of last week.
Or, you can get them in Canadian Toys R Us and get the second seat for free. (159 dollars in value)

I got the second seat for free and made the Britax stroller a double stroller for my two kids.

Now, it is going to be more convenient because I can seat both of my kids.
My older kid still does not walk fast or long, so it is going to help my dreadful shopping routines.

The stroller is so strong and solid but very heavy and bulky with big wheels.  (stable though)
I guess you cannot make it compact but I wish it is lighter than what it is.

I am liking it so far....

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